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Audrey July 17, 2023
"Carmel City Hall: On a recent visit to Carmel my husband and I were given a copy of the map done by Sketches Collection. The map with the wonderful pictures by Lisa Bryan was so lovely, and so much fun, that I just had to email you to tell you how delighted we were with it. We go to Carmel a couple times a year, we live just a couple hours drive away, and every time we go it is fun to walk around and discover new things, and rediscover old favorites. The charming artwork in Lisa's map made it easy for us to find our old favorites, and encouraged us to walk to new discoveries. We enjoyed it so much, that I felt some feedback to you would be in order since I don't know if you get to hear from us "tourists" very often. As always, it was a delight to visit your lovely town. The homes in Carmel inspired some of the desired details of the house we are finishing building in Campbell, so it is important to us that Carmel remain a lovely and unique place to visit. Thank you for sharing your lovely town with all the rest of us, and take care. -Audrey Campbell, Ca"
Rick & Rosemary June 7, 2023
"It was great fun seeing with you last week ion our vacation to Carmel. Since we’ve been home we have spent much time going over your book (Sketches Collection). We have been visiting Carmel for over 15 years and your book is the greatest souvenir of Carmel that we have ever found. I just marvel at the work effort you must of put into the make of this book…Your accuracy and detail is just amazing. The town of Carmel is Lucky to have a true artist like yourself to take in such a task. When I die and go to heaven I want it to look like Carmel and the way you painted it. Thanks for the captured memories."